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Online Courses

The Climate Academy showcases the various climate change and development related online courses that are available to both students and working professionals. 


Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries 

This free, online course (offered through the online learning platform Coursera) is led by Prof Harald Winkler, director of the Energy Research Centre at the University of Cape Town, along with colleagues from the Mitigation Action Plans & Scenarios (MAPS) Programme, a collaborative partnership of country teams in the Global South - Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, India, and South Africa. Climate change mitigation (reducing greenhouse gas emissions) and development both involve many complex problems - each are 'wicked' problems, meaning they defy easy solutions. Tackling both development and climate change together is a 'super-wicked' problem - a problem that involves many trade-offs between different objectives - but also, more deeply, it involves dealing with competing interests. 

CSAG’s e-learning modules on understanding key concepts in climate science

These e-learning modules are part of the Climate System Analysis Group’s online material used in climate science training.  The focus in these particular modules is on different types of climate data.  When it comes to using climate data, a user is often confronted by very scientific terminology and also lists of multiple sources of data, often with very little guidance on application. The objective here is to provide an entry level background to the many concepts used in climate science, to assist users in understanding the data they are using and where it comes from.

Climate Adaptation in Africa (releasing in September 2018)

This free, online course (offered through the online learning platform Coursera) is led by Prof Mark New, Director of ACDI and explains why climate adaptation is important for Africa. Participants are shown tangible examples of adaptation at work in different contexts and institutional settings. The course includes new videos with a mix of visuals and guest lecturers from across Africa, and interactive and engaging content. This course will appeal to a range of practitioners, professionals and students from development-related fields in Africa.


Research for Change: Maximising Impact (releasing in November 2018)

This free, online course (offered through the online learning platform Coursera) is created in partnership between Oxfam GB and ACDI.  It focuses on the ever increasing imperative of development research programmes contributing to impact beyond the academic sphere. Research-into-Use, or RiU, is about

maximising the opportunities for research processes to contribute to changes in practice and policy. The course explores RiU in detail with empirical evidence from the Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions (ASSAR) project and wider Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA). The course is  transdisciplinary in approach and content, pulling from experiences of social and natural scientists as well as development practitioners, government and other stakeholders.