Now On: Climate Adaptation in Africa MOOC

25 Jul 2018 - 13:45

We recently launched a free online course on ‘Climate Adaptation in Africa’ on the Coursera platform.

The course presents climate change impacts and related adaptation responses from multiple sectoral and disciplinary angles. The course primarily targets development practitioners working in Africa, but also appeals to a range of practitioners, professionals and students from development-related fields in Africa.

The course introduces the concepts of vulnerability, climate change adaptation (as opposed to mitigation), sustainable development, and climate-resilient development. The course examines projections of climate change impacts across Africa, and provides useful sources for participants to later refer to and use. The main content of the course focuses on adaptation theory and practice, but through the lens of four sectors that are critically important for climate resilient development in Africa:

  • Water
  • Agriculture and food systems
  • Ecosystem based adaptation
  • Climate resilient cities

The last part of the course looks at the processes for implementing adaptation practices at different scales (local government, national government, the community, and public and private organisations).

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Course instructor:

AXA Research Chair
Director of the ACDI

Supported by guest lecturers from across the African continent who provide real-life examples of adaptation work in practice.