Paballo Chauke

Paballo Chauke is an Assistant Coordinator for the Training and Capacity Development Portfolio at ACDI. His role entails: Education project coordination and assistance, Administration and Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) - reporting and knowledge management, Fundraising and Proposal development as well as Training and Capacity and Development’s general assistance with development activities.

Paballo has an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management (BCM) from the School of Geography and Environment (SoGE) at the University of Oxford (Oriel College) in the United Kingdom. His MSc was titled “Fighting the “Good” Fight: Green Violence and Anti-Poaching of Rhino in the Kruger National Park, South Africa”.  Rhino poaching and the broader issue of illegal-wildlife trade have reached monumental proportions, prompting the conservation world and global security cluster to be on high alert in desperate attempts to find a silver bullet to resolve this incessant challenge. He found that Endeavors to produce a panacea for this poaching onslaught have crystalized in the utilization of violent tactics, technologies, discourses, laws and personnel inside and outside protected areas: green violence.

Mr Chauke also has two degrees from the University of Cape Town, an undergraduate with a triple major in Sociology, Environmental Geographical Sciences and Xhosa Communication. He also holds an honours degree in Environmental Geographical Sciences. He has a multi-trans and cross disciplinary background and has a vast experience in research, teaching, translation, supervision and volunteering. He has a myriad of overlapping interests ranging from climate change, poverty eradication, land restitution, nature conservation and social justice just to name a few.