Dr Jane Battersby-Lennard

African Centre for Cities and African Food Security Urban Network
urban food security, urban food systems, urban green space policy
Dr Jane Battersby-Lennard


I am an urban social and cultural geographer with ongoing research interests through Urban Food Security as part of the CIDA funded AFSUN programme (AFSUN website) and the Formas funded 'Ways of Knowing' project, which aims to use interdisciplinary approaches to reflect on the values inherent in the management of green spaces in urban areas. I am also a member of the SANPAD-funded project, "Healthy Cities for Children" with Children's Institute at UCT.

I have particular interests in urban food systems and the construction of food security theory in Northern and Southern research contexts. I have ongoing interest in the linkages between spatial transformation and identity transformation in post-apartheid urban areas - a topic I have addressed through the lenses of youth identities, education, music and land restitution.


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